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Data we provide

MPs, Councillors (Mayors, Committees, Portfolio Holders, Committee Chairmen, Group Party Leaders etc.), Council Officers, MSPs, Welsh Assembly Members, MEPs, Other Specified Client Contacts added and refresh.

Postcode API  


We can provide a flexible postcode API covering over 60,000 government and other contacts. Whether you want to contact just MPs or Local Councillors or a mix of contacts, we can set you up with a flexible campaign account. Using our research team we can also create postcode APIs for other key local stakeholders.

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We have developed several Legislator MP / Senator postcode / zipcode look-up APIs for campaigning across North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Data File Provision  

For clients who wish to host entire data sets themselves we can provide our data in a daily electronic data-stream to cater for frequently changing information.

Uses include creating a look-up function, data-filling a CRM or a reference web page. Data provision could, for example, cover all UK MPs and Councillors.

A wide range of charities, large corporate companies, media and news groups including over 140 UK websites already use our government data on a daily basis.

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Data Refresh Service  

Our master Government Database is continuously updated and refreshed by professional Researchers and Data Analysts.

As part of our data provision we can carry out bespoke research or data cleansing.

An increasing number of clients with existing CRM systems are using our services to refresh accumulated stale data, which if left unchecked can reduce the value of any CRM system.

Our cleansing service makes use of our research team to provide a bespoke solution in these circumstances.

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