Sample Data-Sets

Below are some sample sets of data to indicate the type of information that our API produces. You can download the individual files for texting purposes should you need to.


<surname>Burns MP</surname>
<salutation>Mr Burns</salutation>


Download the file sample



    "persons": [
      { "title" : "Mr",  "firstName" : "Simon",  "surname" : "Burns MP",  "type" : "MP",  "represents" : "Chelmsford",  "constituencyName" : "Chelmsford",  "onsNumber" : "A99",  "gssNumber" : "E14000628",  "partyAffiliation" : "Conservative",  "email" : "",  "salutation" : "Mr Burns",  "code" : "473080"  }
  ] }


Download the file sample



Title FirstName Surname Type Represents ConstituencyName OnsNumber GssNumber PartyAffiliation Email
Mr Simon Burns MP MP Chelmsford Chelmsford A99 E14000628 Conservative


Download the file sample