Postcode API

We can provide the following government contact data linked to a postcode lookup


  • MPs

  • Councillors (Mayors, Committees, Portfolio Holders, Committee Chairmen, Group Party Leaders etc.)

  • Council Officers

  • MSPs

  • Welsh Assembly Members

  • MEPs

  • Other Specified Client Contacts added and refreshed.


  • Legislators/MPs (across all continents)

  • Senators

  • MPPs (regional Parliamentarians)

  • Other Stakeholders upon request

Our Legislator Contact data is refreshed continuously on a daily basis to allow for national and local by-elections, cabinet reshuffles etc.


The Government contacts associated with a postcode API can be mixed and matched.  For example, a campaign API can be produced to find MPs, Ward Councillors, Council Leaders, Council CEOs, Environmental Officers, Local Parliament or Assembly Member etc.

Additional postcode linked stakeholders can be researched and added seamlessly to the postcode API.  For example, Local newspapers and media, Police, Public Health officers etc.

Web page designers can receive data in various formats (CSV, XML, JSON) to allow for creative web page design.  For clients who do not have a resident Web-designer and wish to integrate a postcode search page into their web-site click on Web Design Services . Click on Data Options to view the field options available.

International / Global

We have already developed a wide range of commercially available International Legislator / MP / Senator postcode / zipcode look-up applications suitable for inserting into any e-campaigning or Corporate website.

Using our unique rules-based software and our research team enable us to offer a bespoke country MP (or other client stakeholder) postcode look-up service for most countries for a delivery in approximately 4 weeks.

Please contact us for more information