Postcode ‘Locator’ Lookup  Service

The Commercial Evaluations postcode ‘LOCATOR’ lookup is an online product that allows a client to develop a web-based service which carries out a lookup of a postcode, using the “Commercial Evaluations Postcode Lookup Application Programming Interface (API)” to gather Government contact data associated with a postcode. This API provides an interface with a client’s web page and the Government contact Data which supports the Goveval service that we research, thus enabling a wide range of Government contacts and related data to be retrieved from a postcode entered.


‘Locator’ Data Output Service

We also have the capability to allow a client to log into our Locator system and collect Government contact data on a daily basis.  This is in the form of a data file(s) with the names and contact information associated with the type of contacts chosen e.g. MPs, Councillors, Officers etc.  There are three levels of data available which mirror that of the postcode lookup in the table below, basic, intermediate and full.  An access key can be provided so that a client can take the latest data at any time in either CSV, XML or JSON format.


Commercial Evaluations

‘Commercial Evaluations provides the research and contact data for the Goveval online Government Database (www.goveval.com).  Government Data changes frequently and our master database is refreshed by professional researchers on a daily/weekly basis.    This enables fresh contact data to be available to our clients covering for example: by-elections, cabinet reshuffles, ministerial and Job function changes, contact data changes etc.



For clients who wish to provide a web page in order for their users (citizens / registered members, others, etc.) to enter a postcode with a view to locating or communicating with a wide range of influencers and decision makers in Government. Access to the postcode lookup service or data output service will be by means of an annual subscription licence.


Post Code Lookup/Data Output Contact Data

Our database has over 60,000 government contacts and a typical postcode look up can include UK national and local government contacts, such as MPs, Local Councillors & Officers, UK Parliaments and Assembly Members and MEPs. The reports returned by the lookup can have different levels of detail depending on the licence and can also include multiple types of contacts such as the MPs and Councillors found by a particular postcode.


Postcode return Data and Data File Output

We can provide postcode return data or entire data files in three levels e.g. basic, Intermediate and Full or a mix of all three.  Please see table below.

For example a typical basic postcode return for an MP would be – Title, First name, Surname, Constituency Name, ONS Name, Email, 2nd Email, Party, Salutation, ONS Code, GSS Code, ID Number.

A basic postcode return for a Councillor would be – Title, First name, Surname, Party, Email, Council, Ward Name, ONS Code, GSS Code.

A basic MP data output would include all MPs giving – Title, First name, Surname, Constituency Name, ONS Name Email, 2nd Email, Party, Salutation, ONS Code, GSS Code, ID Number.

A basic data output for Councillor would include all Councillors giving – Title, First name, Surname, Party, Email, Council, Ward Name, ONS Code, GSS Code.

Data output can be in several formats including Comma Separated Values (CSV), XML and JSON.
How Locator Online works