Provision of Data is by means of an annual Licence specifying the Customer (end-user), the type of Data and service (e.g. Postcode API or other), the purpose and use of the Data, the specific structure of the Data and related fields, and general commercial conditions.

Associated with the Licence is an annual Licence fee.  Licence fees are quoted upon Email application or after discussion with the client so that both parties can have a good understanding of the requirement and the Data required.

We have different levels of annual Licence fees depending on the status of the Customer as follows:

  • Companies (commercial organisations)
  • Non-profit making organisations
  • Registered Charities & start-up companies / ventures

Our standard Licences are well established and have been in use for a number of years and are the commercial basis for the provision of Data to over 200 UK web-sites and companies on a daily basis.

Bespoke services e.g. data-refresh, client stakeholder research and web design service are quoted on a case by case basis.
Where thought necessary, we are prepared to sign a MNDA (Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement) in advance of a quotation.

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