How often is the system updated?

Our service is continuously updated by our team of dedicated researchers on a daily basis.  The system is hosted on a central server enabling us to monitor Governmental changes and make necessary updates as soon as they become available.

Where does the data come from?

Our information is primarily researched from a range of Government sources including Local Authorities, Parliaments, MPs and Political Parties.  Our researchers use a combination of daily telephone calling, letter writing and questionnaire analysis to obtain and refresh the data.

How much does the service cost?

Our service is priced on a modular basis allowing us to tailor the system to the client’s exact requirements.  This allows us to maintain the highest possible level of service while continually challenging our competitors on price.  For you requirement please contact us

We are a charity, do you offer a special rate?

Because we understand the financial constraints facing charitable bodies, we are happy to offer considerable discounts to all non profit making organisations.

Do you only research Government?

Although we specialise in researching governmental and parliamentary information, our experienced staff are always ready to undertake additional research projects.