Data Refresh Service

An increasing number of clients with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are using our services to refresh accumulated stale data, which if left unchecked can reduce the value of any CRM system.

Experience has shown in CRM systems that if contact data is not maintained and refreshed on a regular basis that users can lose confidence in the entire application often at great cost to the business.

By using our regular contact cleaning service plus addition reseach, we will keep the data fresh (via a data-feed or EXCEL) so that users can confidently use their own CRM.

Client Stakeholder Research

Our research team regularly carry out research projects for clients who wish to have new contact and other related data for non-governmental stakeholders.

On an agreed basis data can be refreshed periodically as requested by the client.  The data can then be provided in various ways either as a regular electronic data-feed or in EXCEL as required.

We can therefore provide a wide range of fresh contact data which also can be coded for use with the Postcode API application if required.