Data File Provision

We can provide data-sets in a daily electronic data-stream.

Our master Government Database is continuously updated and refreshed by professional Researchers and Data Analysts. It contains over 60,000 government contact data-sets plus biographies of nationally elected representatives including portrait images plus committee memberships and political, personal and registered interests.

These continuously updated data files can be accessed on a daily basis, as an electronic feed, for a client’s campaign, reference site or customer relationship requirements / CRM and for many other similar applications.

Access and security is maintained using a secure access key which can be provided so that a client can take the latest data at any time.

All data is supplied ready for use with your own applications, being tagged with the relevant geographic identifier covering ward codes for Councillors and Constituency identities. Each contact also has a unique identification number to allow changes to be monitored.

Data can be provided in CSV, XML or JSON formats. Click here to see the wide range Data and fields available for different types of Contact.