About Us

‘Locator Online’ is managed by Commercial Evaluations Ltd who have been responsible for providing government data for the Goveval service for over ten years.  During this time the Goveval service has become one of the leading government contact communication systems with the ability to link Local and National government contacts for campaigns and daily company operations.

Based in Chelmsford the company consists of database consultants, professional research and data-fill teams, database software programmers and web-designers.   In addition to Government Data we regularly research and supply non-government stakeholder data to a wide range of organisations.

We have worked with and provided our services and data to some of the largest Utilities, Communications operators, Corporate Companies, Government Offices, Broadcast and Newspaper Groups across UK, Europe and the U.S.  We also cater for the smallest charity and non-profit organisation.

We have been sponsoring the charity MySociety for over ten years and have worked with them to pioneer Write To Them.  We have supported them in providing a service to citizens in helping them to communicate to their locally elected government representatives.

We also sponsor the charities The Motor Neurone Disease Association and Breast Cancer Care. These charities use our ‘Locator Online’ postcode API to enable their members and citizens to communicate with the influencers and decision makers in government which are relevant to their cause.

With an ever changing government structure and high churn of contact data, together with an ever increasing number of local and national issues, we believe that there is a commercial and social need to provide efficient communications to and from government.

Whether you are a charity or a large Corporation we are interested in providing you with a communications solution.